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Inline Systems




Highspeed Multi-Module Plattform with up to 4 Process Stations.

The Fusion Selective Soldering Concept offers fully integrated Inline soldering with two ,three or four Process Stations.



Highspeed Multi-Module Plattform with up to 4 Process Stations.

Incorporating high speed PCB transfer, the Orissa Fusion platform offers the ultimate in flexibility, coupled with reduced line length at a lower cost compared to current market offerings. The standard four station cell can be configured to handle PCB’s up to 381mm x 460mm - fluxer, preheat, solder, solder. For high speed applications this same unit can be configured as fluxer/preheat and up to three solder modules with as many as five heater options.
An optional PCB transfer station and return conveyor enables product to be manually unloaded adjacent to the conveyor load station - this configuration reduces PCB handling capability to 381mm x 250mm. Each solder cell can be configured with any of the currently available Pillarhouse solder technologies: custom-dip, multi-dip, Jet-Wave and
single point AP down to the patented 1.5mm micro nozzle. Easy, rapid non-contact solder pot change over is facilitated via the optional heated pot exchange trolley

Main Features

Vorteile der Selektivlötanlage Fusion

Vorteile dieser Lötanlage

  • Für Leiterplatten bis maximal 508 mm x 950 mm
  • Leicht anpassbar für unterschiedliche Anwendungen 
  • Konfigurierbar für 2 bis 4 Lottiegel
  • Integrierter Drop-Jet-Fluxer zum selektiven Fluxen
  • Programmierbarer Druck der Flussmittelflasche
  • Inerte Lötatmosphäre bei geringem Stickstoffverbrauch
  • Kontrollsystem mit Selbstdiagnose


Selektivlötsystem FUSION

150mm Solder Wave