Peelforce Analyser


Peelforce Analyser

TP-150 is used to exactly measure the Peel-Off-Force of Covertapes on Blistertapes. 

For SMT parts stored in Blister Tapes, an exactly defined Peel Off Force is important. TP-150 enables the user  to analyse Peel-Off-Forces on Blistertapes and therefore is an important tool to ensure sealing Quality of your component packaging. The Measuring Method complies to the Standard EIA – 481.

TP-150 offers Analysis of all relevant Sealing Parameters. Enables Analysis of statistical Parameters to calculate Values such as Meanvalues, Deviation as well as Maximum and Minimum Peel-Off-Forces.  All Test­parameter, Graphics and Statistical Information can be safely stored. Password protection is available too.


  • Display of digital Measuring Values in Realtime
  • No Adju´stment required when changing to different tapes sizes
  • Statistical-Software with selectable Good-/ Bad-Criterias
  • Storage of Testresults
  • Robust Construction made off Stainless Steel and Aluminium