Manual Tape & Reel System

mt 50

Manual Tape & Reel System

MT-50 is a complete and self sufficiant Standalone-Tape & Reel System for Taping of components in small and medium lot sizes. MT-50 can handle all types of Blistertapes and Coverfoils. PÜarameters such as Sealing Temperature, Sealing Pressure, Tape Speed, Number of Parts, Leader and Trailer caqn be pre-selected on the Operation Panel. MT-50 can handle Tape width from 8 mm to 72 mm. Wider Tape sizes on request. MT-50 can be usede for hot and cold sealing of tapes.

Tape & Reel System MT-50 offers a high Level of Sealing Quality which exceeds EIA-481 Standard. Sealing shoes are constructed free hanging for optimal sealing results. You can choose between three different Sealing Modes: Contiuious - Intermittent - Reciprocating.  

Each Selaing Parameters can be programmed to achieve Optimum Sealing quality. 

A stainless steel plate is used for component. The MT-50 can be löoaded from the front or rear side. A stainless steel plate for the rear side is available as an Option. For easy operation of the machine a foot Switch is availalbe to start the movement of the tape drive. MT-50 is a robust machine which requires low maintenance. As a table top System MT-50 can be easily moved to a new loaction.


  • Stand-Alone-Tape & Reel System
  • Operation Panel to program Component Count, Leader and Trailer
  • Changeover can be done without tools
  • Each of the two Sealing shoes can be adjusted individually
  • Suitable for Hot and Cold Sealing Tapes
  • Transport Pressure Wheel gaurantees no pre-use of sprocket holes
  • Tape Transport through stepper motor
  • Three Sealing Modes available: Continuous - Intermittent - Reciprocating 
  • Empty Pocket Detection
  • Optional 2D-In-Tape-Inspection