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We offer Systems für R & D and Production in the fields of Electronics, Semiconductor-Backend, Hybrid und Packaging.

We invite you to make use of our longterm experience and look forward to your inquiry.


Since 35 years we offer a wide variety of Systems for Electronics Production. Our Portfolio includes Selective Soldering Systems, Conformal and Selective Coating, Pick & Place Machines, Stencilprinters, Automatic Optical Inspection Systems, PCB Magazines and PCB Handling, Ultrasonic Coating and Fluxing Systems and Tape & Reel Systems.

We help our customers to find the best possible solution for their processes. In our Democenter in Bendorf/Rhine we offer the possiblity to test our Equipment prior  to a decision.

Soldering Technology

Selective Soldering

Our productrange for Selective Soldering includes flexible Stand Alone Systems as well as Inline Machines with up to 6 Process Stations. We offer Soldering Robots as well as Table Top Soldering Systems for Repair- and Production Purposes. 




You are looking for a solution, to coat your PCBs partly or completely  ?   - we offer the right System for you Needs in the area of Selective Coating, Conformal Caoting, Potting and Dispensing. 

PCB Magazines & PCB Transport and Cleaning


Our Nikko-Rack PCB magazines are ideally suited for the Transport and Storage of your Electronic Boards. Due to our wide range of PCB Magazines, we are able to offer the right Magazine for your Electronic Production purposes. Beside Magazines we also offer a complete range of Board-Handling Systems such as Loader, Unloader, Flipstations, Turntables, Buffers, Bridges and many more. We also supply heat resistant Full-Metal-Magazines for Oven Applications for different ranges of Board sizes. This includes Standard as well as Customised board sizes.

Stencil Printers

From a simple table top Screenprinter up to a full-automatic Inline Stencilprinter we offer different models to suit all Needs and Budgets in the area of stencilprinting. All Printers are robust and designed for Long-term use and can be upgraded with various interesting and usefull options.

Inspection / AOI

for SMT and THT

Inspection Needs are different and depends on your product range and lot sizes. We offer cost effective MOI (Manual optical inspection) as well as full-automatic AOI System as Stand-Alone or Inline Version. Our AOI Systems are suited to inspect all processes in an Electronic Production Environment such as Pasteprinting inspection, Post Placement and Post-Solder-Inspectionl. We also supply Inspection Solutions for Packaging Inspection as well as the Inspection in the area of Di-Bonding and Wirebonding. 

Tape & Reel / Storage


Tape & Reel of electronic and mechanical components out of Plastictubes, Jedec-Trays or even loose parts. Along with packaging we offer inspection Systems for the inspection of up to 6 sides of your components. Dry cabintes with and without heating capability for drying and stroing sensitive parts. Alternative to our Dry-Technology we offer also N2 based storage Systems.