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Nikko-Rack PCB Magazines

Short Product Changeover Times is a competitive advabntage in the Electronics Industry. Our PCB Magazines with the patented Quick-Changeover-Mechanism and guaranteed parallelity of the sidewalls offer Change of PCB width in a matter of seconds. Our Nikko-Rack PCB Magazines are used wordwide in many Electronic Manufacturing Facilities for many years. Thanks to the high Quality Standard of these Magazines, Nikko Racks offer tjhe highest Level of accuracy and safety for Transport and storaghe of your Printed Circuit Boards. Nikko Racks are availalbe for PCB temperatures ranges of up to 60°C, 120°C, 135°C or even 165°C. 

Full Metal Magazines

For applications were dryingh of PCB's in Curing Ovens is required, we offer Full-Metall-Magazines. Our Full-Metall-Magazines are available in various different sizes. Thanks to our flexible concept, we also supply Full-Metall-Magazines in customized sizes to enable best use of existing Curing Ovens. 



PCB Transportmodules

We offer PCB-Transportmodules for electronic Boards for many transport requirements, such as: Magazine Loading and Unloading -  Buffer – PCB Turn - Flipover – 90° Turnover – Sorting - Transport-Conveyors in different lengths - and many more

PCB Cleaning

Our Printed-Board-Cleaningsystems  BC-250 and BC-460 are designed for highly efficiant cleaning of PCB's before Pasteprinting. A Special Antistatic Brush rotates and oscillates at the same time thus enables safe removal of all loose particles sitting of the board surface such as dust from Routing, Lasermarking and other sources of contamination. By running your boards through our Boardcleaner, you minimize particle-related solderproblems before they can even appear.

PCB Cleaning Modules

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