NIKKO PCB Magazine Racks

NIKKO Racks with Quick-Changeover-Mechanism and easy Parallel Adjustment


NIKKO PCB Magazine
with Quick-Release-Mechanism for easy and stepless Adjustment of PCB width

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Main Feature of our NIKKO PCB Magazines with "One-Touch-Parallel Adjustment" is the patented "Synchron-Linear-Gear", which ensures, that the side walls of the magazines are alwasy stay parallel. Changeover between different sizes of PCB's becomes easy and a matter of a few seconds. The use of a dedicated reference Slot ensures smooth adjustment and best possible alignment up and Downstream in the line. NIKKO PCB Magazines are used in Loaders and Unloaders for SMT Lines, Test Systems, THT Production and many more. Nikko Racks are also ideal to store PCB's safely between different production processes. 

The right Model for your Application

Nikko Racks are availble for different PCB temperature ranges. We offer magazines that can widthstand PCB temperatures of up to 60°C, 120,°C, 135°C and 165°C.  Due to several different Magazine-Sizes you can choose the best suited dimensions for your range of products. Further we offer magazines with metal of plastic top and bottom plates.  No matter which type, Nikko Racks are always the best choice.

You can choose between:

  • Different Magazine Sizes
  • Different Temperaturranges: 60C, 120C, 135C and 165C. 
  • Quick-Change-Over Mechanism or Srew-Type Adjustment
  • All Nikko Racks are highly reliable and designed for Long time use


Adjust movable side until Board sits tight in the reference slot


Close all 4 locklevers and pull Board out of the reference Slot. 


PCB can be inserted in all Slots with the same small backlash, that ensures smooth Transfer in and out of the Magazine.


  • Stopperrods
  • Slot lables to number each slot
  • ESD safe dollies for easy transport
  • Memo Clips