NIKKO PCB Racks: economic Version with Screw based Adjustment


Nikko PCB Rack
Rack Models with Screw based Adjustment - the economic choice for Standard PCB width

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NIKKO Racks with Screw based Adjustment offer an economic alternative in case changeover is not as frequently required. These Racks are also available with a double track which offer up zto 1200 board Slots. Thuis is interesting specially for small PCBs.


Features of our NIKKO Racks with Screw based Adjustment:

  • Temperature resistance choseable from 60°C up to 165°C
  • Magazin base plate made of plastics
  • Reliablefor Long term useage
  • Ideal also for external transportation
  • Steppless width adjustment from 50 to 250 mm
  • Magazine size in mm: 355 (T) x 320 (B) x 563 (H)


  • Stopperrods
  • Memo Clips to handle product notes
  • Dollies for easy transport
  • Slot Lables to number each slot