BC-250B & BC-460B

Printed Board Cleaningsystem


BC-250B & BC-460B
Inline-System for PCB Cleaning

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During production of electronic Boards, there are many sources of particles which can contaminate the surface of Printed Circuits. If these particles are located on solder pads during trhe paste printing process, it can cause Problems during soldering of the boards or can reduce the Quality of a solder Joint. solder Problems such as Tombstoneing, Solderbridges or unsufficiant solder. Our Board Cleaning Systems BC-250B and BC-460B are designed to overcome These Problems. BC-Series Clenaing Systems offer efficiant and harmless cleaning of your printed circuit boards Prior to paste printing. Thanks to the very short inline length of only 350 mm, BC-Series Cleaners are ideally suited for installtion in any SMDF Line.  

BC-250B & BC-460B are not using a sticky reel like other Systems. The Special ESD safe Brush of the BC-Series Systems rotates and oscillates at the same time and therefor guarantees a maximum of cleaning efficiancy. A vacuum suction System above the brush takes the dust away and runs it to a particle filter.  

An optional Ionizer neutralizes static charges that may have existed on the board Prior to entering the Cleaner. BC-Series cleaners help to prevent particle related solder Problems before they even occur.



Areas of use & advantages

  • To remove particles from the baord surface Prior to paste printing
  • To increase Line efficiancy
  • Easy to install and use
  • GLow maintenance