Magazines for Hightemperature- and Special Applications


Fullmetalmagazine for Drying Process
PCB Magazines made of full metal for Hightemperature Applications

Our Full-Metall-Magazines are suitable for High-Temperature Applications or for Handling of Metalparts or other Special purposes. Width can be adjusted and easily fixed with a Special Screw-Mechnism. Top and bottom plate are made of steel while the side walls are made of Aluminium. The Sstandard pitch is 10 mm. Masximum PCB thickness can go up to 8,0 mm. Apart from Standard sizes, which are compatible with our Nikko-Racks, we also supply customised Special sizes to adapt exactly to our customers Needs.


Modell Guiderails Adjustable width   Temperatureresistance
NKLH-0525AL-20: 20 35 - 255 mm bis 200°C
NKLH-0525AL-25: 25 35 - 255 mm bis 200°C
und in der Kältekammer
NKLH-0525AL-50: 50 35 - 255 mm bis 200°C
und in der Kältekammer
ALG-2535: 50 50 - 250 mm bis 250°C
ALG-3153: 50 50 - 310 mm bis 250°C
ALG-3346: 50 50 - 330 mm bis 250°C
ALG-4653: 50 50 - 460 mm bis 250°C

Additional models on request.