Elmech Flux Dispenser

Dispenser for Flux, Alcohol, Siliconoil, various other liquids

Elmech Flussmittel Dispenser

Elmech Flux Dispenser
Dispenser for easy application of various liquids


Elmech Flux Dispensers FD-5015, are available with two types of Brushes. Thanks to these special Brushes, Elmech Flux Dispensers are ideal for Manual application of Flux and other Liquids. The Brush avoids fast Evaporation of Alcoholic mediums and allows material saving use in your process. The In-Build Membrane avoids unwanted leakage and keeps you work place clean.

Areas of use

  • Manual Soldering
  • Repair soldering for Connectors
  • Rework of SMT parts
  • Dispensing of Siliconoil for Precisionmechanics
  • Applying Cleaning Agent
  • Ideal for Soldering with TOP-375-Series