SonoFlux 2000F

System for Ultrasonic Sprayfluxing & Coating


SonoFlux 2000F
System for Ultrasonic Sprayfluxing & Coating

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SonoTek Sprayfluxsystem 2000F is designed for High-Volume-Production and can be operated with any available Flux, even with high percentage of solids.

SonoFlux 2000F allowes efficiant and economic supply of Flux The System includes a closed Spraychamber with an exhjaust Connection. SonoFlux2000F can be integrated in Wavesolder Machines or with a separate Inline-Sprayfluixer Module. 

Low Maintenance, self cleaning spray nozzle, material saving Operation and a high Transfer rate are the main Advantages of SonoFlux 2000F. Even when using high solid Fluxes cleaning is less critical comparted to conventional methods of fluxing.

The Ultrasonic Sprayfluxer SonoFlux 2000F operates without moving parts. 

In daily use at many customers worldwide

SonoFlux Sprayfluxers with non-clogging Ultrasonic Nozzles are used in in thousands of Applications worldwide. The System is operated through a programmable Controller with LCD Display which allows customised Setting of all relevant Parameters.


Flux is supplied from a closed Resorvoir through a precise Gearpump with low pressure. The Flux feeding Systems has a build in Filter to avoid unwanted particles to enter the pump. A Level Sensor always checks the Flux Level and generates a pre-waring if Flux runs low. Flux enters the Ultrasonic Nozzle with low pressure before it is atomized into small Drops and transfered to the board surface with a controlled airbeam. Flow rate and Airbeam cna be controlled independantly.

2000F SLIDE OUT mled


Easy access to the spray chamber for efficiant maintennance. 

Fast Amortisation

In many cases, the use of SonoFlux-2000F saves up to 80% material which avoids contamination of the board with too much flux. High Transfer efficiancy helps to minimize flux related solder Problems. 


Service and Support

Sono-Tek Spayfluxers are sold and serviced in Germany and other European Countries by Rubröder Factory Automation. 



  • Maintenance only once a months required
  • Optimal Transfer efficiancy for optimal solder results
  • Exactly defined Flux Coating
  • Reduced Fluxconsumption by up to 80%
  • Non-Clogging Ultrasonic Nozzle
  • No extra Thinner needed
  • Operator and Maintenance friendly
  • Compatible with all Flux types