Minilötwelle TOP-375


Miniwave Solderingsystem

Flexible and easy to use Soldering System for Selective soldering and Repair. Can be used for many different applications. Solder nozzles can be easily exchanged.  We offer a variety of Standard solder nozzles for most common THT parts. We also offer customized solder nozzles in order to suit the exact Needs of your soldering Task. 


Highlights of TOP-375CE

  • Timer-Function guarantees an exactly defined solder process 
  • Standby-Function allows quick recoveryf the solder wave 
  • Optional N2 supply
  • Solder Nozzles available for most common THT parts
  • Customized Nozzles availalbe on request

Areas of use for TOP-375CE

  • For selective Soldering leaded or leadfree Solder
  • Economic tool for small to medium size production lots
  • Can be integrated in automatic processes (Model TOP-375SP)
  • Complementary to conventional Wavesoldering
  • For Repair or Replacement of THT components