TOP-375 SP & SPH

Miniwave Soldering System with separtate Controll Unit

top375 sp

TOP-375 SP

Miniwave Soldering System with separtate Controll Unit 

Advantages of the System:

  • Soldering at temperatuures from 200 to 350°C
  • Soldering up to 450°C with TOP-375SPH
  • Like the standard Model TOP-375, but with separateed Contoll Unit
    • can be easily integrated in automatic processes 
    • avoids temperature Transfer from Solder Modukle to Contreoll Unit
    • easy Maintenance


Features of TOP-375SP & SPH:

  • Timer-Function for Process-Control
  • Standby-Function for quicker rise of solderwave
  • Optional Nitrogen Supply
  • Variety of Standard-soldernozzles
  • Customised SAoldernozzles on request

Areas of use

  • For Selective Soldering Applications
  • For Repair and Exchange of THT Components with high Lead counts
  • As economic Alternative to Wavesoldering 
  • A the end of an automated SMT Line to solder THT Components
  • To complement conventional Wavesoldering