Selective Soldering System Orissa Fusion


Orissa Fusion
Selective Soldering System for Inline-Operation

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Ths new Fusion Series combines High Speed Selective Soldering with high Flexibility at a small footprint. Orissa Fusion can be configured to Customer Needs. All available modules such as Fluxing, Top- and Bottom Side Preheating and different Soldering Modules can be arranged for differnent applications tp optimise utilisation of the Liine. 3 different Soldering Stations and 5 combinations for Preheating are available. Customers can choose Single Point Soldernozzles, Multi-Dip-soldernozzles, Jet-Wave and customised Soldernozzles. For conventional Wave Soldering, we offer an up to 150 mm wide Solderwave-Nozzle to be integrated in any Orissa Fusion. 


  • Configurable with mit 2 to 4 Processmdoules für Fluxing, Soldering and Pre-Heating
  • Various Heating Options: Top-side Prehast, Bottom-Side Pre-Heat
  • Closed-Loop Heatcontrol by Pyrometer or Thermo-Couple
  • Inline Transport with fully automatic adjustment of PCB-width
  • VHandling of Board sizes up to 610 mm x 610 mm (optional up to 1220 x 610 mm)
  • High Precision thanks to the automatic Board Aligment via Fiducial Mark Correction 
  • Offline Programming by use of Gerber-Data or with the Build-In Teach-Camera
  • Modulare and easy to Exchange Solderpots
  • Automatic Solderlevel Detection and Solder-Feed 


  • Automatic Solderwave Leveldetection and Control
  • IR-Top and Bottom Pre-Heat
  • Ultrasonic Fluxer alternative to Drop-Jet-Fluxer
  • Operation with two Fluxer parallel
  • IR-Topside Preheat
  • IR-Bottomside Preheat
  • Pyrometer Controll-Prehet process
  • Fiducial-Correctionsystem
  • Carrier for Odd-shaped Boards
  • 20 different easy-to-Change Soldernozzles
  • Offline-Programming
  • Different Transport and Clamping options