Flexible and Compact Selective Soldering System

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Selective Soldering System

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Jade MKII is a flexible, compact and economic Stand-Alone Selective Soldering System. It offers full functionality for even complicated and heat-intensive Electronic Boards and is the ideal solution for small and medium lot size production. Despite the small footprint, Jade MKII can handle Board sizes of up to       508 mm x 457 mm. Soldering is carried out under complety Nitrogen atmosphere to achieve excellent solder Quality.

Its precise Drop-Jet-Fluxer allows to apply just as many flux as Need to achieve the best solder results. Alternativ or in combination, we offer an Ultrsonic Flux Head. Programming is easy and visually assisted.Programs can be generated by use of the In-Build Teachcamera or with the Offline programming tool. 

Options for Topside preheat and fully closed Loop board temperature control make sure that the solder process is carried out at the correct temperature Level to ensure optimal ascent of solder. 

Jade MKII - the ideal choice when you are looking for high end soldering at an economic Level of investment. 


  • PCB formats of up to 457 mm x 508 mm
  • Adjustable universal PCB-tooling
  • Complete N2-circuit for the soldering process
  • Programable Fluxing parameters
  • Wave hight detection and closed Loop control
  • Control-PC with user friendly PillarCOMM operation Software
  • Drop-Jet-Dual-Control-Fluxsystem for up to two Flux-Heads
  • Teach-In-Programming visually assisted by Board-Images 
  • Patented 1,5 and 2,5 mm heated Micro-Soldernozzle


  • Offline-Programing
  • Selective Preheat
  • Programable Top-side-Preheat
  • Manual and Automatic Fiducial-Correction
  • Sensor-Controlled Fluxlevel
  • Closed-Loop Solderwave Hight-Control
  • Detection of Solderlevel with Auto-Solderfeed
  • Closed Loop Board-Temperature Control
  • PPM-Control of N2-Level
  • Optional Ultrasonic-Fluxer
  • Combined Ultrasonic- and Drop-Jet-Fluxer
  • Password-Level-Operator Access
  • Traceability System