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Component Handling

Electronic Feeders for Blistertapes

Electronic Feeders for Blistertapes

Feeder for Tape width from 8 mm to 72 mm

Feeder for electronic parts in tapes

Tapefeeder for electronic components

Electronic Feeders for SMD Components our of Blister- or Paper-Tapes

Our electronic feeders offer quick and reliable supply of SMT parts out of 8-, 12-, 16-, 24-, 32-, 44-, 56- und 72-mm-Tapes.

Our feeders can handle all parts packed according to EIA 481-A. No matter if supplied in small or big reels, plastic or paper tapes. The feed-pitch can be easily programmed.  The tape ptich is easy programmable. We offer optional feedbases, which can be integrated in any pick & place system opr robot applications.


Programmable Tape-Pitch


 Easy integratable Feederbench