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PCB Magazines

PCB Magazines

PCB Magazines

Magazines with the patented Quick Adjust Paralell mechanism

PCB-Magazines for Transport and Storage

Main Feature of the Nikko Racks is the pat3ented"One-Touch-Parallel-Mechanism" which guarantees constant paralellity of the two guiderails. Adjustment of a new width is very easy and can be quickly achived in a few seconds. Nikko-Rack PCB magazines are ideally suited for SMT Pick & Place Lines, automated THT Assembly, Test Systems and many other applications in electronics production. 

We offer various sizes as well as different temperature resistance ranges from 60°C, 130°C up to 165°C PCB temperature. We surely have the right magazine for your application.



Quick and easy PCB width adjustment in only 10 seconds:


Move the movable sidewall until PCB is fixed 

by the reference slots.




Close the 4 clamps and pull the PCB out.

PCB width is now adjusted with a 1 mm

clearance in each slot of the magazine


Thanks to the special mechanism, both

side walls are always parallel.


Magazines for different PCB Formats

Magazine für unterschiedlichen Leiterplattenformate

Standard Magazine sizes








Große Magazine




Magazin for automatic open and close the magazine slots: Modell ER26M


Magazine slots open

Magazine slots closed