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Table Top Soldering Systems




Table-Top soldering system for selective soldering

Table-Top Soldering System TOP-375

Versatile Soldering Tool for production and repair. The System works with quick interchangeable soldering Nozzles. Can be used for many different applications. Solder nozzles can be easily exchanged. Changeover requires a few minutes only. We offer a wide range of Standard Soldernozzles for most common THT parts. In addition, we offer customized Nozzles to meet customized needs.  

Highlights of TOP-375CE

  • Timer-Function guarantees an exactly defined solder process 
  • Standby-Function allows quick recoveryf the solder wave 
  • Optional N2 supply
  • Solder Nozzles available for most common THT parts
  • Customized Nozzles availalbe on request

Areas of use for TOP-375CE

  • For selective Soldering leaded or leadfree Solder
  • Economic tool for small to medium size production lots
  • Can be integrated in automatic processes (Model TOP-375SP)
  • Complementary to conventional Wavesoldering
  • For Repair or Replacement of THT components


Duese3 klein

Example of soldernozzle with 6 chimneys

Standard Soldernozzle klein

TOP 375SP 2