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Table Top Soldering Systems



Soldering system TOP-375SOP for integration in automated soldering machines or robot applications


Thanks to the fact, that controller and solder part are separated from each other, TOP-375SP is ideally suited for integration into automated systems


Minisolderwave TOP-375 SP & SPH

  • Leadfree soldering with temperatures from 200°C ûp to 350°C
  • The high temperature module TOP-375SPH allows solder temperatures up to 450°C
  • Is comparable to our model TOP-375CE but with separation of Solder and Controller part.
    • therefor allows integration of the solder module in automated inline solutions
    • avoids temperature transfer from solder part to controller unit 
    • provides easy maintenance

Just like the main model TOP-375CE, TOP-375SP & SPH offers following features: 

  • Timer-Function for Process-Control
  • Standby-Function to minimize solder time Optionale Stickstoffeinheit
  • Uses the same solder nozzles as TOP-375CE
  • Customised solder nozzles available on request